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           EAST TEXAS
                                116b W.PINECREST DR.
                                        MARSHALL,TX 75670
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                                   SELF CONFIDENCE  
                 GET IN THE BEST SHAPE EVER!!

Life is full of demanding activities on the body.Simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs can leave us winded.Finding the energy to go through your daily routine can be quite exhausting. Our program will increase your stamina which will help help you take control of your busy schedule.
Kung Fu is one of the oldest art forms and most proven methods of self defense created by man.Many martial arts depend on only one theory of defense (i.e. punching and kicking; grappling on the ground; or joint locks and throws). We believe that in order to protect yourself more efficiently,you have to be familiar with all these different levels of engagement. We teach practical escapes and realistic defenses that can be mastered by everyone. 
Truly, Kung Fu is the ultimate method of self defense.
      KUNG FU  &  TAI CHI
            Kung Fu For The Whole Family!

In today's society where many families are unable to find quality family time due to conflicting work, school and activity schedules, taking Kung Fu lessons is a positive activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Our Kung Fu Association promotes an atmosphere of healthy living, bonding and family values amongst all our members.

Kung Fu combines self defense, physical fitness and Chinese culture.Many of our members are children, parents and grandparents who make Kung Fu training a family activity they can all benefit from.
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